Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding Week

So this past week I attended a wedding on a houseboat on the lovely Jozini Dam. It was stunning. Here is how it went.
At 11:30am we (all 20ish of the guests) were picked up by the boat which had travelled across the dam to pick us up. Once we and our luggage were safely ferried and deposited onto the boat we were shown to our cabins and sent to get ready pretty quickly as the wedding was at 12:30pm.
Upstairs on the deck, chairs were set up and we settled down as we waited for the lovely bride to arrive. She came up the stairs and the tears went down the cheeks of most of the guest! She was beautiful.

We witnessed their covenant surrounded by nature at her best. Hippos and crocodiles below us, elephant,rhinos and zebra stood as witnesses to this marriage as well as the exquisite mountain range. It was a blessed ceremony and everyone felt it.

Afterward a yummy lunch of salmon, tender beef fillet and chewy meringue was served while laughter and sounds of joy filled the air, letting the good times roll and roll and roll. It was an afternoon of absolute love - ALL AROUND! We sailed into the sunset blissful.

Once the sun had gone down, the captain put the boat to sleep in a little nook on the shore, in the middle of nowhere. The crew then tied the boat to very thin, flimsy trees and plugged us into a plug point that looked rather strange standing in the middle of no where. BUT behold it worked!

The dinner table was set and a lovely dinner was served. With fire lies, as the disco lights, we boogied the night away. All too soon,time came to go down to bed. After a hot shower, a cool room and a comfy bed, I, like many other guests drifted into sleep, content.

The cabins were lovely little rooms with a great big window as one wall where if opened there was nothing but a rail between you and sweet nothing else. Some of the rooms were on the lower deck. This is where I stayed. With the waters surface being just 50cm below the window, and the window being at eye level you were practically sleeping on water.  Brushing your teeth and having a stare down with a hippo was a very real possibility.

Waking up was a pleasure! Outside some of the guys had risen early to do some fishing while others slept in an relaxed. Breakfast was served an we all enjoyed each others company as the wedding group. Bags were packed and we spent the rest of the morning just chilled while the boat took us on a final tour around the dam, giving us one last opportunity to see the animals.

Speed boats ferried us back to shore and we waved good bye to Shayamanzi II and their lovely crew!

Congratulations Kim and Kc - Blessings!

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